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3-Watch Case - Urban Knight

Let down your guard.
The palette of greys featured in the Urban Knight Scale Canvas takes inspiration from the iconic roofs of Paris. The 3-watch case will be the loyal defender of your most precious timekeepers. You'll never be late to any of your romantic dinners!
- Urban Knight limited edition in 50 pieces -

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USD $900
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This October, Fauré le Page is re-entering the battleground to scale new heights of seduction. The 300-year-old brand is emblazoning its camouflage canvas with a fiery orange streak for autumn. The grey tones of Parisian architecture peak out from under its signature scales. Cobblestone, granite and zinc roofs break through the blazing flames. Are you ready to fight fire with fire?
Fauré Le Page French Maroquinerie creating weapons of seduction. Discover our Creations.


HEIGHT  8,5 cm / 3.3 in
WIDTH  21 cm / 8.2 in
DEPTH  11.5 cm / 4.5 in

Product Care

Over time, your Fauré Le Page will acquire an exceptional patina. To preserve its vivid colors, apply a dab of clear, alcohol-free nourishing cream. Using circular motions, rub it gently into the leather with a clean cloth. The Scale Canvas may be cleaned carefully using water, natural soap and a crepe brush.

The Lyon Frame Printing

The artisan screen-prints the Ecailles scale pattern onto the weave of the canvas in steps, using different stencils. This demanding technique is intricate and requires the hand of a virtuoso. This method enables Fauré Le Page to pair superlatively strong canvas with the embellishment reserved for the finest of fabrics.

Urban Knight Scale Canvas

Designed for the fearless and agile, the collection invites you to be the Romeo or Juliet of the new urban epic. Re-visualized for the urban knight, it is blended with Amazonian and warrior uniform designs, and Faure Le Page's Damarres Pattern that recalls its gunsmithing history and stone ornaments; reminiscent of the Louvre.
Fauré Le Page French Maroquinerie creating weapons of seduction. Discover our Creations.