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Step 1

T he Canvas Colors

Flat bed silk screen printing is a technique from the city of Lyon. It is a demanding technique that requires the hands of an expert. It enables Fauré Le Page to pair extremely strong canvas with the type of embellishment reserved for the finest of fabrics.

Step 2

S ize the Canvas and Leather

The second step in making a Weapon of Seduction. The Scale motif is Fauré Le Page’s signature pattern. This decorative motif, which is a symbol of strength and seduction, gives its wearers a certain power and allure.

Step 3

S harpen The Lines

The third step in making a Weapon of Seduction. Each part is meticulously shaped to meet the highest standards. The secret lies in the details. Will you find the hidden scale, calibre, number 7 or cartridge?

Step 4

B ring The Dream To Life

The fourth step in making a Weapon of Seduction. Attention to detail and outstanding craftsmanship are the secret to our collections. In the center of the coat of arms, the royal fleur-de-lys celebrates the ingenuity of a dynasty of artisans that seduced the European elite. According to this emblem, "Nothing is impossible for the brave of heart".

Step 5

P air Canvas and Leather

The fifth step in making a Weapon of Seduction. Each piece is assembled using traditional methods that bring your Weapon of Seduction to life. Once the armour used to face dreaded dragons or bewitching sirens, the beautiful combination of precious and durable materials now adorns those who wield its arms with strength and the power of seduction.

Step 6

R eview

The final step in making a Weapon of Seduction. To uphold values such as excellence, authenticity and innovation, which are passed down through the generations, Fauré Le Page demands a strict review before releasing a new item. The whole manufacturing process consists of meticulously executed stages, implemented in accordance with our high quality standards. Our quest is always to make useful and long-lasting products that combine functionality, aesthetics and high quality. From selecting raw materials to carrying out practical tests on products, from scouring the archives to making creative sketches and creating a technical file, it takes more than a year to create a Weapon of Seduction. The creative freedom of Fauré Le Page is matched by its freedom of opinion . New collections are released when ready, without the constraint of a specific calendar. Following a lean production model, very limited quantities are made allowing for minimal surplus.